CMH Heli Skiing Kootenay – CMH Kootenay Heli Skiing

CMH Heli Skiing Kootenay – CMH Kootenay Heli Skiing


[This interview was conducted while CMH and K2 had a Kootenay Heli Skiing partnership.  Now CMH Heli Skiing Kootenay is solely a CMH Heli-Skiing offering]

K2 is becoming a bigger part of heli-skiing.  Mike Gutt tells us about the new CMH lodge/partnership the CMH K2 Rotor Lodge, and K2’s most popular powder boards in the latest Gear Interview.

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1.  K2 partnered with CMH on a new heliski lodge.   Tell us about that.

We entered into a partnership agreement with CMH four years ago and have expended on the partnership each year.  Last year we hosted a K2 demo week at the Kuskanax Lodge in the town of Nakusp.  This was the first time we visited this CMH operation and it immediately felt like home for K2.  The staff, the town, the setup all resonated with the way K2 communicates the brand.  We started talking more with the CMH crew and they pitched the idea of turning that location into a K2 branded lodge.  We jumped at the opportunity and here we are.


2.  So this year, every guest to the new K2 CMH Lodge get a new pair of 2014 K2 skis of their choice??

This is true.  Each guest will get to select a ski from our new 2013/14 collection that will be unveiled at the SIA and ISPO trade shows in late January/early February.


3.  I know you did a couple of demo weeks at Kootenay last year, giving a free pair of K2s.  What K2 models of skis were most popular among those guests?

It all depends on the skier, since each person looks for something different.  That is the beauty of K2, we make different skis for different skiers.  Take Seth Morrison and Sean Pettit for example. Both approach the mountain differently and need a tools designed to work for them.  With that being said the SideSeth and Pettitor were two skis that really stood out to the guests.  The BackDrop was another model that got great reviews.


4.  What heli operators use K2 skis?

All CMH locations, but also Valdez Heli Ski Guides, Tordrillo Mountain Lodge, Alaska Rendezvous Guides, North Cascade Heli and Silverton Mountain.

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5.  What skis do they use, PON2OONs?  DARKSIDE?

Pon2oons, SideStash, DarkSide and Coomback skis have been the most popular.


6.  K2 used to enjoy a reputation for sketchy graphics.  Remember the Cheeseburger?   Times have changed, eh?

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Times have changed but the personality of the brand is the same.  Look at the HellBent for example, you can’t get any more sketchy that that.


7.  I’m a huge Stones fan, so the Rolling Stones models get my vote for the coolest graphics!   Need my shipping address?

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In all seriousness, I can probably get you a deal on them.[Thanks for the offer, but, me pay for gear?  Riiiiight, I’ll get back to you…]


The K2 site has a cool way of narrowing down the best boards, eh? Check it out.



8.  Seth and I were at Last Frontier in February.  Was he riding the OBSETHED?

No, The new SideSeth skis most likely.

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9.  Love the nod to big mountain gods, and the double entendre in the COOMBACK.

Wait until you see the next round and the tribute to Doug Pioneering the Chugach range.


10.  What else would you like heliskiers to know about K2 gear?

We develop skis for skier and have worked with the guests at heli operations like CMH to make sure we are developing products that make skiing more enjoyable to a variety of skiers.  At K2 it’s all about Serious Fun.

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Serious Fun!  I LOVE that.

Thanks, Mike.



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