CMH has been doing the four groups of eleven routine for 40 years. No mas. For the 2012 Season every week is a small group week at Adamants. And to kick it off, prices stay the same! Starting at just $8,750 CAD for 7 days. Two Bell 405 helicopters, three groups of five each. A total of 30 guests in one of the coolest lodges in which I have ever had the pleasure of eating, drinking, recovering and sleeping.

CMH Adamants, Canadian Mountain Holidays Adamants Lodge
Amazing lodge, no roads in, note the hot tub on the far right

I had the pleasure of getting a sneak peek (or is it peak?) in February with my buddy Harry. We’re both still smiling. He declared it “the best heli trip I’ve ever taken”. And you can trust him, he is a CMH veteran and he has a real job.

Great terrain, snow, guides and lodge. You may have seen my photo album on Facebook.

CMH Adamants Heliskiing
High Alpine and Great Trees

On Tuesday morning I was so sore I could barely drag myself to the hot tub. Stretch class and copious amounts of great food at breakfast, and I was good to go. Here is the proof:

cmh adamants heliskiing canada
Looking and feeling my best at the top of the world..or the Selkirks

We did have one travel challenge (par for the course, it seems). We got to Golden and passes closed in front of us and behind us. CMH rallied to put us up in the no-tell-motel (liquor store on the ground floor). On the following morning they arranged to helicopter the entire group in. Very cool, and less time in the bus, I mean coach.

canadian mountain holidays, cmh
Alpine glow over Adamants and Selkirks


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