Alaska Powder Descents Heliskiing

Local Knowledge, Endless Terrain, Fully Customizable Trips from Alaska Powder Descents in Juneau

Alaska Powder Descents, based in Juneau has decades of experience heliskiing guiding in the Chilkat and Coast Ranges, and on the Juneau Icefield.  Alaska Powder Descents guides are locals who know where to go and are committed to getting you to the goods.

Alaska Powder Descents has over a million acres of permitted terrain. Whether you are looking for steep lines, long powder runs, backcountry touring, or ski mountaineering, Alaska Powder Descents can make it happen.

Alaska Powder Descents offers personalized packages that fit your needs and schedule. Combine heliskiing with backcountry touring.  Add flexibility to your package with additional days. Alaska Powder Descents can make it work for you!

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Alaska Powder Descents Location:  

Juneau, Alaska

Alaska Powder Descents, Alaska Heli Skiing


Alaska Powder Descents Alaska Heli-Skiing, Juneau terrain


Airport for Travel:  

Juneau International Airport, Alaska

Alaska Powder Descents Terrain Description:  

Within the Juneau Icefield Coast Mountains and in the Chilkat Mountains.  The terrain is incredibly varied and the options are nearly limitless.  In a single day Alaska Powder Descents is able to access long 5,000 foot, 900 foot spines or easy going mellow bowls.  The Coast mountain are within the Juneau Icefield which allows access to tall granite spires, couloirs dropping into glacial run-outs and tree runs all just minutes away from each other.

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Alaska Powder Descents Standard Heliskiing Packages Offered:

Weekend Trip:

ncludes 3 nights hotel, 12 laps (36k vertical), 1 day Eaglecrest or alternate activity.

Week-long Trip:  Includes 7 nights hotel, 25 laps (75k vertical), 2 days Eaglecrest, 1 day alternate activity

Number of days, prices, vertical guarantees:

Á la Carte Per-Run Rates: Runs 1-4, + optional additional runs

Alaska Powder Descents Juneau chopper, Alaska heli skiing

Alaska Powder Descents Price of Extra Vertical: 

$115 per run

Alaska Powder Descents Private Packages Offered:

Private Day

Type of Helicopter:  A-Star

Guests per Lift:  4

Lifts per Helicopter:  4 to 8

Alaska Powder DescentsLodging and Dining Description:  

Accommodations are booked at Downtown Juneau’s Baranof Hotel.  The Baranof has a small casual café for breakfast and lunch and a more elegant fine dining restaurant for dinner.  The hotel is also conveniently located near many other restaurant options that are within close walking distance.

Alaska Powder Descents Year Founded: 


Alaska Powder Descents travel from airport: 

The heli-pad is located at the Juneau International Airport. The hotel accommodations are a short 15 minute drive from the airport.  Travel is provided in a 15 passenger van.

    (include typical travel time):

Alaska Powder Descents Ski Options on Down Day? 

Eaglecrest Ski Area

What is Unique / Why Alaska Powder Descents?

We have an operating permit that allows us access to more than 1 million acres of Forest Service Land.  Due to the large scale of our operating area we are able to easily accommodate different ability levels.  With quick access to the Juneau Icefield from the Juneau International airport we are able to start skiing without wasting heli time flying long distances.

Our location in the State’s Capital provides endless opportunities on down days to visit local shops, check out a museum, or even head up to Eaglecrest, the local ski area.

We take pride in being locally owned and operated.  Everyone working within our operation is Juneau based.  We all have extensive knowledge of the local area and take pride in our ability to lead clients to areas that fit their ability and challenge them. We have flexible daily rates that vary based on distances between runs and the heli base in order to provide clients with the best deal we can.  We offer backcountry heli-assisted trips and all of our guides are certified members of US Heli Ski.”