Alaska Heliskiing, Haines Alaska Heli Skiing

Alaska Heliskiing – Haines Alaska Heli Skiing

Sean Dog is THE MAN at Alaska Heliskiing!

Alaska Heliskiing is a family business, and operates by the golden rule.  Alaska Heliskiing was the first operation in Alaska, but as the Alaska heli skiing industry trended to expensive packages and immense luxury, we have attempted to stay core to our roots, and keep heliskiing as affordable as possible.  Haines Alaska Heli Skiing keeps it simple, and offers a variety of terrain.

Alaska Heliskiing Location: 

Haines, Alaska

Alaska Heliskiing Airport for Travel:  

Juneau International Airport, Alaska

Haines Alaska Heli Skiing Terrain Description:  

Variety and Steep!  “From mellow powder fields to fluted spine walls, our 300,000 acres should make backcountry enthusiasts of all abilities happy.”

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Alaska Heli Skiing Heliskiing Packages Offered:

7-days:  Includes 22 runs and lodging plus pickup at airport upon arrival and delivery to airport at departure.

Alaska Heliskiing Price of Extra Vertical:  

$175 per run

Alaska Heliskiing Private Packages Offered:

Private Day:

Haines Alaska Heli Skiing Type of Helicopter: 


Haines Alaska Heli Skiing Guests per Lift:  


Haines Alaska Heli Skiing

Haines Alaska Heli Skiing Lifts per Helicopter:

4 to 8

Alaska Heliskiing Lodging and Dining Description: 

Accommodations at the Powdah Mountain Ski Lodge and Kroschel’s Wildlife Retreat.  Multiple options.

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Year Alaska Heliskiing Founded: 


Travel to Haines Alaska Heli Skiing

Getting to Haines is part of the adventure. If you are traveling from the Lower 48, or ‘Down South’ as Alaskans call it, fly to Juneau from Seattle via Alaska Airlines. From Juneau, it’s best to  take the ferry to Haines. The ferry is rarely affected or cancelled due to weather, and costs only $50 per person to walk on. Flying to Haines is possible and costs about $130 per person. However, flights are affected and cancelled due to weather, so make your schedule around the ferry.

If you are traveling to Haines from Canada or Europe, flying to Whitehorse via Vancouver may be the best choice. However, you must rent a car in Whitehorse for a four-hour spectacular drive and cross the US-Canadian border. Four wheel drive is advised.

Options on Down Day?  

Cross-country skiing, ice fishing, ice skating, and ice climbing.

What is Unique / Why Alaska Heliskiing?:   

Unique because if it happens to be a week that has more precip than sunshine folks are not as financially committed to a trip to Alaska Heliskiing that turned out to be less than perfect.  In other words it’s a safe bet and these trips are much easier for us to sell and bookings have gone up because of the concept! We are stoked and so are our guests.  Go big if conditions are epic and you can afford to buy more runs or keep it affordable if the weather moves in or if you’re not a high roller you can still come in and have a great time Heliskiing in Haines Alaska.