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     The snow swirls, the chopper whirls into the air, then disappears over the edge.  Silence. 

     You and your buddies exchange a knowing glance – it’s perfect!   

     You made the right call –  HELISKI. com


The #1 heliskiing advisor. Offering free, objective advice and recommendations for over 20 years. HELISKI.com represents every helicopter skiing operator and destination, and we have skied  with most. So we are objective. HELISKI.com has sent more clients heliskiing in British Columbia and Alaska than any agent.

We offer objective, firsthand information, advice and suggestions for free (the heliskiing operators pay us a commission, and/or we get heliski free). With over 50 Canadian heliskiing locations, it helps to talk with someone with firsthand knowledge and years of experience helicopter skiing BC and Alaska.

Every year we conduct a Heliskiing Survey of our clients and registered users. We have been collecting reviews since 2004. We we have the most comprehensive knowledge base of heliskiing  experience.

Read our HELISKI.com testimonials!  Then, tell us what is important to your group. We will send the best options, prices, dates and our reviews and recommendations – free.

Tell us what is important, and we will send the best available heliskiing trips, pricing and dates.

What Our Clients Say

"You are a genius!!! Thank you so much it was perfect!!!!!!!!."
Gil M.
"Hi Tom, Thank you very much for your part of our great trip...Everything was absolutely perfect. Best regards."
Milan H.

"I could go on and on, but will simply say that the trip was 100% absolutely ideal from start to finish. Literally, not one complaint about anything! "

Rob A.
"Hi tom, It was truly an amazing trip. The remote setting, the lodge itself, the staff, the guides, the food, the weather and the company were all outstanding. And the skiing was remarkable. We hit great powder and got to ski an incredible variety of tree, high alpine and glacier. As I wrote in the guest book , the trip not only exceeded my expectations, it even exceeded my imagination. Thanks so much for recommending it. Truly a gem.

Ken W.
"Hey Tom, It was really good! We had a great time – Food great – staff and guides great! Good care to clients! Thanks for your help selecting!"
Julie J.
"Hi again, Tom. Good to speak to you. Thanks for all your help. Great service! Regards."
"Thanks so much for all the time and assistance you rendered. If I ever find the money again, I will again seek your advice!"
Eric L.
"Hi Tom – Extremely satisfied. Specifically, great lodge, great lodge staff, good food, very competent heli pilot, good guide, good terrain…All in all, I give the staff, facility (lodge), and overall operation an A+. Their customer service was terrific.Thank you for referring me to them. You were the reason we ended up there."
Blake F.
"Thanks for all of this — I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your website. I was having a lot of trouble muddling through!"
Linda W.
"Hi Tom, The trip was great. It is difficult to explain how amazing the ski experience was and how friendly the staff. We had sun the complete week, so no down days and great alpine skiing.The only problem is that after this you are spoiled for life, so we have to come back for another trip."
Gerritt J.
"The operations were very friendly and professional. Great pilot and guides. Fantastic terrain. All in all a great experience. Thank you for the advice."
Larry K.
"Thanks for the referral. Great snow almost too much! Thanks"
Justin A.
"Best thing I have ever done (bar being born and married, of course)" Thomas H.
"Hi TJ, Alaska was amazing. As was BOV. Thank you very much for recommending them to us, we had a blast!"
Michael C.
"We all had an awesome experience, and would definitely recommend you guys to anyone."
Tom P.
"Hello Tom, It was a great recommendation and we are really glad that we went up there! The staff were great and very warm. The terrain up there was mind blowing with huge glaciers, wide open bowls, and endless options in blue bird skies. The views were half the fun. The other guests were really great and came from all over the world."
Andrew L.
"Hi Tom, You were right, it was a good deal with a very good company. I will follow up with you on the trip in January. I have notified them that you referred me to them. I also want to thank you for all the information e-mailed to me. It was a great help."
Perry S.
"Wanted to share my thanks for an incredible heliski recommendation. I just completed my 5 day trip, and in a word “perfection”. It was exactly what I was looking for from a terrain, lodge, small group perspective. ...a phenomenal operation! I will definitely be a return guest! Thanks again for your service."
Bill McB.
"My friend Casey and I had a great time heliskiing…We even got a first descent and got to name the run! Thanks again for the recommendation!"
Matt K.
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