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Skeena Heliskiing Announces Base Camp - No Frills Heli-Skiing Option for 2015

09 June 2014


Skeena Heliskiing's Bear Claw Lodge is one of the best heliskiing lodges we have visited.  And owner/GM Jake is one of the coolest.   For 2015, Skeena Heliskiing is launching Base Camp Skeena Heliskiing  - including dome tent lodging and a great value, for those who are OK without a fancy lodge.       Base Camp guests will ski the same great terrain. Like other Skeena Heliskiing trips, it is for 7-days.....

Bearpaw Heli-Skiing Announces New Offerings - Like Private for the Price of Semi-Private Heli-Skiing

27 April 2014


What's New at Bearpaw Heli-Skiing "It is like private heli-skiing at semi private prices!" Bearpaw Heli-Skiing offers great skiing, snow and easy travel in an intimate setting.  New for 2015, Bearpaw is skiing in just two groups of four.  A total of eight guests sharing an A-Star or 407 at standard semi-private rates! This is a very cool option.  Bearpaw Heli-Skiing offers a boutique heliskiing experience in the East central part of British.....

TLH Heli-Skiing - 1 Group per Heli + Unlimited Vert! - 10 Questions by

24 April 2014


We recently got reacquainted with TLH Heli-Skiing (1 Group, Unlimited Vert).   Hope you enjoy.    I have heard you say "TLH Heli-Skiing is the best deal in the heli-skiing industry."  Explain, please.   We offer a unique combination of program features that offer the best VALUE. While some Operators have a couple of the features that make us stand out, we are the only ones with this particular blend that makes our product p..... Operator Interview: Black Ops Valdez Heli-Skiing - A Unique Approach to Alaska Heli-Skiing

21 March 2014


Black Ops Valdez Heli-Skiing - Interview Tom:             My first question is really deep. [Laughs] What’s the history Black Ops Valdeez Heli-Skiing? Tabatha:        [Laughs] Well do you want the short story or the long story?  First off we built the lodge, Robe Lake Lodge.  That was the first step.  Our ultimate goal was to provide a more personal all inclusive “Alaskan” type experience for skiers.....

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