You are a genius!!! Thank you so much it was perfect!!!!!!!!

Gil M.

Hi Tom,

thank you very much for your part of our great trip…

Everything was absolutely perfect.

Best regards

Milan H.

Hey Tom,

It was really good! We had a great time – Food great – staff and guides great! Good care to clients!

Thanks for your help selecting!

Julie J.

Hi again, Tom. 

Good to speak to you.  Thanks for all your help.  Great service!  



Get Advice for Next Trip

Wanted to share my thanks for an incredible recommendation. I just completed my 5 day trip, and in a word “perfection”. It was exactly what I was looking for from a terrain, lodge, small group perspective. Mark and Regina run a phenomenal operation! I will definitely be a return guest! Thanks again for your service.

Bill McB.

Best thing I have ever done (bar being born and married, of course)
Thomas H., Australia

Myself and Caleb hit up Eagle Pass this year it was a great time. Thanks for the referral. Great snow almost too much!

Justin A.

Hi Tom,
You were right, it was a good deal with a very good company. I will follow up with you on the trip in January.
I have notified them that you referred me to them.
I also want to thank you for all the information e-mailed to me. It was a great help.


Perry S.

I never knew there were so many choices and nuances. Thanks,!
Tom Rayley

Thanks so much for arranging the best heli trip I’ve ever taken. The Adamants small group set up was even better than the classic trip. Great terrain, beautiful lodge and staff, and premier snow conditions made this the ultimate. Well-considered arrangement and daily adjustment of the groups and choppers by the guides made for no waiting and happy compatible guest teams!!

Harry B.

Thanks, a bunch for your help…..I wont book another trip unless I consult with you first.

Tom is completely plugged in and have experienced these operations firsthand. Time and time again, I have found Tom’s advice to always be invaluable and absolutely on the mark. He’s helped me put together some trips that I will never forget and I cannot possibly recommend him highly enough. Anyone considering a heliskiing trip could definitely use a knowledgeable and well connected friend like Tom Jackson”

Mike R., Evergreen Colorado

This is a quick note to express my thanks in helping coordinate our March trip to Crescent Spur Heliskiing. CS turned out to be a wonderful independent operator, just the kind I like. It was a tough snow year in 09/10, still the skiing was excellent and Regina and Mark really made us feel like we were part of the family. My birthday happened while on our week and I was honored with a 59 layer birthday cake. The whole trip was a wonderful experience and I am headed back to challenge the chef’s patience in counting out a 60 layer treat this year.
Your recommendation of CS could not have been better.   Also your tips on getting through Vancouver airport and customs both coming and especially going back allowed us to make what turned out to be tight flight arrangements. I’m really glad I found and you. Thanks for all your help.
Pray for dumpage!

Steve W., Boulder Colorado

It was fantastic!!! Great tip by u. No down days, awesome snow, great guides and unlimited vertical !!! highly recommend.

Thanks for the info TJ…..Thanks for your help!

Paul D. Melbourne, Australia

“I’ll check out those other locations, thanks.
Just one question: How did you get the best job on this green globe? I’m stuck in a office tower in Baltimore Maryland while you are out living my winter dreams. I’m sure some days for you it is just work and feels like a job but I’m envious. I have to fly two or three times a year out west or over into Europe to get good skiing.

I’ll get back to you after looking into these other locations. I appreciate the help and in the end we’ll get something booked!”

Daniel T., Baltimore, MD

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 “Hey Tom,

My friend Casey and I had a great time heliskiing……We even got a first descent and got to name the run!
Thanks again for the recommendation!

Matt K.”

Our trip was definitely one to remember. We were treated to probably some of the deepest and driest snow of the season (that’s what I’m telling myself anyway)….chest high in some places. The meals were top notch. The staff completely took care of us. We were basically spoiled and we loved it. They did a great job of making four different groups enjoy a great time together.
It was snowing and socked in the first day so we went up on the snowcat and had a blast. Fortunately the second day it cleared up enough that we got what we came for… heli-skiing. It was amazing! I have to hand it to the pilot, Paul, he got us through some low visibility so we could get our heliskiing in. Patric and Maria are the consummate hosts….charming, great stories and Patric’s not a bad snowcat pilot either. He had to push a path through some pretty deep stuff to get us up to the top.
We’re hoping to convince a few more friends to come with us next time. I’m looking forward to going again.


Marc G.

Thanks for being such a great help,
Christian K.

Thanks a lot for all your informations and support.

It helped us quite a lot to find a very good decision

Hans D

Hi Tom – Extremely satisfied. Specifically, great lodge, great lodge staff, good food, very competent heli pilot, good guide, good terrain…

All in all, I give the staff, facility (lodge), and overall operation an A+. Their customer service was terrific.

Thank you for referring me to them. You were the reason we ended up there.

Blake F.

thanks so much for all the time and assistance you rendered.  If I ever find the money again, I will again seek your advice!

Eric L.

 Hi Tom,

The trip was great. It is difficult to explain how amazing the ski experience was and how friendly the staff. We had sun the complete week, so no down days and great alpine skiing.The only problem is that after this you are spoiled for life, so we have to come back for another trip.
Gerrtit J.

Hello Tom,
It was a great recommendation and we are really glad that we went up there! The staff were great and very warm. The terrain up there was mind blowing with huge glaciers, wide open bowls, and endless options in blue bird skies. The views were half the fun. The other guests were really great and came from all over the world.
Andrew L.

we all had an awesome experience, and would definitely recommend you guys to anyone.

Tom P.

Thanks for all of this — I can’t tell you how happy I am to have found your website.  I was having a lot of trouble muddling through!

Linda W.

Hi TJ,

Alaska was amazing. As was BOV. Thank you very much for recommending them to us, we had a blast!


Michael C.

The operations were very friendly and professional. Great pilot and guides. Fantastic terrain. All in all a great experience. Thank you for the advice.

Regards, Larry K.


Excellent…  It was everything I had hoped for in a trip!
Linda W.


Just wanted to reach out to thank you for your help. Thanks again!

Rob A.,

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