Silver Tip Lodge – Private Heli Skiing for Up to 10 Guests

Silver Tip Description

Silver Tip Lodge began heli-skiing under new ownership in 2016.  Previously owned and operated by Canadian Mountain Holidays, CMH Silvertip was the last area to be added to the CMH empire.

The remote lodge offers luxury and great heliskiing in the Cariboos.  Silver Tip Lodge caters to groups of up to 10 for Private 7-Day Heli-Skiing trips.  All trips are Unlimited Vertical. vSilver Tip operates a Bell 212 ferrying one group.

Silver Tip is unrivaled for remoteness, sandwiched between Wells Gray Provincial Park and Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park.   The double A-frame lodge is located at the end of the most remote arm of Quesnel, the deepest fjord lake in the world, where it reaches deep into the Cariboo mountains from the western side of the range.




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Lodging and Dining Description

Silver Tip Lodge is located on the shores of Quesnel Lake.  The lodge is rustic, simple, and comfortable.  Next to the lodge are a private cabin (with two beds and a private bathroom) and the spa building. As a ski destination,vSilver Tip is unrivaled for remoteness.


The Cariboos are vast and diverse.  Tremendous high alpine heli-skiing as well as epic tree skiing.

The northern Cariboos are where moisture from Pacific storms intersect with cold air masses of northern BC.  The result is dry, light powder!  The Cariboos are the most northerly mountain sub-range of the Columbia Mountains.

Standard Packages Offered

Silver Tip Lodge offers Private Heliskiing for up to 10 clients for 7 days with Unlimited Vertical in a Bell 212.

All trips are Saturday to Friday.

Additional Information

Location:  Sandwiched between Wells Gray Provincial Park and Cariboo Mountains Provincial Park.
Standard Packages Offered:  Private Groups.
Guests per Lift:  Up to 10
Lifts per Helicopter:  1
Type of Helicopter:  Bell 407 or 212, depending on group size
Private Packages Offered:  That’s all Silver Tip Heli-Skiing offers!
Airport for Travel:  Vancouver.  Guests spend Friday night in Vancouver, then fly Charter to 108 Mile House, BC, where the Helicopter completes the journey to the remote Silver Tip Lodge.

What is Unique/Why Silver Tip Heli-Skiing?

Hosting a maximum of 10 people a week, this experience can be what you would like it to be.  The only schedule we offer, is as planned by you.  How much or little you heliski, what and when you dine, is completely up to you.  Our only rule is “Safety”, and the program is your own.  Not only are you at home, you will be the only heliski group within our 1440 sq. km tenure (345,000 sq. acres).  Skiing happens on an annual snowfall of approximately 60 ft. of Canadian Champagne powder, exactly what the Cariboos are known for.  Our ski area will suit everyone, as it contains such varied terrain, we are able to find the heli-skiing that you are looking for.

Exclusive use of awesome, remote terrain.   One or two groups per helicopter.   Luxurious lodge and amenities.

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