Alaska Heli-Skiing Description – Valdez, Haines and Beyond

Alaska Heli-Skiing & Heli-Snowbaording offers more challenge, less amenities (typically) and a later season.  It is known for steeper, longer runs and few of them per day.  It is not recommended for those helisking and heli snowboarding for the first-time.  Compare Alaska Heli-Skiing to Canadian Heliskiing.  It’s not FGP.

But Alaska heli-skiing is awesome! The Alaska heli-skiing terrain is somehow….bigger.  It is hard to describe to someone who has not been heli-skiing in Valdez, Haines or other areas in Alaska.  The climate, weather and terrain combine to make the snow ‘stick’ to these steep runs.  The Alaska heliski season is shorter and later than Canada.  It is essentially March and April.

Most Alaska heli-skiing is centered around Valdez or Haines, Alaska.  Most offer lodging in a motel, with daily shuttles to the helicopter pad. But there are notable exceptions, with lodges or cabins. Check out the interview series Alaska Heliskiing Operators compare and contrast Valdez Heli-Skiing and Junea / Haines Heli-Skiing Alaska.


Map of Alaska Heli-Skiing Locations

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